Evan Montpellier

CIRK 2.2

Video by Naël Jammal

Cirk 2.2 was a research project on the integration of real time media synthesis into circus practices.


I built a system to wirelessly receive OSC messages from multiple IMUs, denoise and process the data, and route control messages to several computers for audio synthesis. I also contributed to the devlopment of several audio synthesis and processing modules.




Project Director
Naël Jammal
Interactive Sound/Movement Technology Design:
Navid Navab
Sound Design
Navid Navab, Peter van Haaften
Technical Design
Navid Navab, Evan Montpellier
Software Development
Navid Navab, Evan Montpellier, Peter Van Haaften
Fabrication, 3D Models, 3D Printing
Garnet Willis
Institutional Research Partners
Topological Media Lab, Ossia
Cyr Wheel
Bobby Cookson
Santiago Riviera
Naël Jammal
Video by Naël Jammal